Is RenRen right for your brand? Four Points to Consider

RenRen is the China’s equivalent to Facebook. Ranked number 16 in the Alexa top 100 Chinese websites, it’s a key platform for any social media branding in China. There are 4 key points to consider before registering a brand page with RenRen.


1. It’s more difficult than Facebook.

Before starting, you need to know that it is without doubt more difficult to set up a business page on RenRen than it is on Facebook, which only takes a couple of minutes. You will need a lot more patience when you try the same thing on RenRen.

2. A daily limit on the number of pages accepted.

RenRen only accepts 100 applications a day. You can try your luck from midnight each day (GMT +8). As soon as it is 12, you need to fill all the details as quickly as possible. And even if your application goes through, there is a possibility that RenRen may reject it.

3. The Chinese approach to business.

Officially, you can only create pages that fit in certain categories such as street dance, photography or celebrities. Unofficially however, RenRen accepts business pages from brands such as GE, Pizza Hut, Nokia or Philips, which can all be found on RenRen. It appears that RenRen only speak the Universal language of “Advertising Dollar”. So, unless you are a big corporation, it may be difficult for you to go through the “RenRen wall”.

4. The Alternative to a Page.

My advice is to set up a personal profile to start with, as you can add up to 2,000 friends on it. If you are a small business, it could be a great opportunity to start conversations with new potential customers in China. If you’re a big business, you can either buy your way in or also start with a profile and test the waters.

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This is a guest post I wrote for WhatWorksWhere

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