HOW TO: Write emails in rich text format with iOS 5

This week is tutorial week :-) ! With iOS 5, you will soon be able to write emails in rich text (ie bold, italics, underlined) – here is how to do that. iOS5 is coming out in a few hours, I hope you guys are excited!

1. Open Mail and write a new message. Type any word of your choosing and click twice on it.


2. Click on the arrow at the right end.


3. Click on BIU


4. To make your text bold for instance, click on Bold. Voilà!


Hope you found this useful!

  • this seems so simple – one wonders what took them so long!

    • Haha I know! This will work on your iPad too – so get ready to write really cool emails soon! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey N, i would like some Siri’s Easter Egg screenshot compilation from your iOS5, new post idea :)

    • I’d love to but unfortunately you need a 4S to use Siri. I have more ideas though, so keep checking the blog ;-)

      • Anonymous

        i’ll do. iOS5 is OK with our pineapple friend!

  • J101

    after I select a word to “bold” then click on right arrow to select that option the only “option” that comes us is “Define”….nothing else appears….what can I be doing incorrectly

    • That’s really weird! Are you in Mail or are you in another app? It wouldn’t work for texting people, but it should work in Gmail, Mail, etc.