HOW TO: Remove yourself from a Facebook event


Back in December, Facebook made a minor change to its Events feature, replacing “Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” and “Not Attending” with “Join,” “Maybe” and “Decline". Since then, it has become impossible to remove yourself from an event. But today, I found the solution, so follow the guide!

O2 UK targets students during exam period

Today, I received an email from o2. O2 is a mobile carrier in the UK and from time to time they send me a newsletter. Last week, surprise, they sent me a "gift" because "There's nothing better than a present out of the blue" (I couldn't agree more). But today, the email was about "O2 learn: the place to revise for exams".

Theory vs. Practice #1 – Marketing Warfare

I hate revising for exams. This year, I thought I should make my revisions more fun. To revise for my marketing course, I will go through the theories I'm learning (which sometimes seem irrelevant in today's world) and explain their strengths and why (or if) I disagree with them. Join me for the ride, the first one concerns marketing warfare strategies.

Why you should jump on the Quora bandwagon now (before it’s too late)

Unless you have been avoiding your RSS or Twitter feed in the past week, by now you must have heard of Quora, a website where people ask and answer questions in real time about anything and everything. It aims to “grow and grow until almost everything that anyone wants to know is available in the system”. Now, what can another Q&A website do for your marketing strategy? A lot.

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