How are you using Twitter?

This week, I had a conversation with a friend, about how people use Twitter in very different ways: as a source of information, as a networking tool, or to meet new friends. How do YOU use Twitter?

I Love Twitter

I started using Twitter in late 2008, left it for half a year and rediscovered it in summer 2009. At first, I started using it as a “bookmarking tool”: I shared links that I found interesting and followed influencers in my niche to discover blogs and news I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. I think it is one way to use Twitter. Some users never engage in conversations. I don’t think it’s bad or good, I just think it is one way to use it.

Some people are conversionalists: they mostly use Twitter as a way to find like-minded people. Sometimes they discuss articles they share, but sometimes they comment on pictures or places they have been to.

Some manage to do both: engage in conversations and share great articles.

Today, I was reading about the “at-least” social media tactics from Aaron Lee. Here is a recap:

  • Connect at least with 10 new people a day
  • Write at least 5 comments on different blogs a day
  • Write at least 3 blog posts a week
  • Tweet at least once per hour
  • Follow at least 100 new people a week
  • Retweet at least 3 posts from followers a day
  • Share at least 1 new status post on facebook a day
  • Engage with at least 5 customers a day
  • Thank at least 5 customers a day
  • Thank people who retweeted you (at least more than 10 a day)


I think these are really good tactics, but are they achievable? Let’s take 2 points in particular:

Connect with 10 new people a day/Follow at least 100 new people a week: I find it quite hard to find like-minded people on Twitter. I usually wait for people to follow me and then see what they tweet about to follow them back. So today, I made an effort and tried to find people who shared the same interests. It took me a long time, because I was looking through their tweets to see what kind of information they were sharing. Sometimes, their bio sounded great but then they mainly talked about what they had been eating. And personally I don’t want my newsfeed to be filled with Foursquare check-ins and pictures of food people have been eating.

Write at least 5 comments on different blogs a day: I follow a lot of blogs, but sometimes I don’t feel that sharing my point of view in the comment box will add something to the conversation so I prefer not leaving a post. Is it really worth it to say “Great article, I agree!” for the sake of “networking”? Personally, I would only post if I had a constructive comment to make (especially if I disagree with the position or if I have extra information to share). But maybe I have the wrong approach? What do you think?

I agree with the rest of the tactics. I know many bloggers that posts more than 3 posts a week, and I think it’s great. However, I don’t think I can make this one of my “at-least” tactics because I don’t want to compromise quality over quantity. I think if blogging is your full-time job, it is easier to achieve the goals too.

I think I’m still learning how to use Twitter a little bit more everyday. My weakness is not to engage with people as much as I would like to. So here is my new tactic: @ 5 different people every day.

What kind of Twitter user are you? What do you think about the tactics outlined above by Aaron?  Do you have any other advice?

  • Hi Natalie, Me too, I have read Aaron’s post and I found his advice really good! Thanks for the recap, good reminder for me! :)

    Let me put this in my Buffer.