How to fix the Facebook display problem in Chrome

This has been driving me crazy for weeks. To display a page on Facebook, I’ve had to open it on Firefox or Safari. Pretty annoying when all of your tabs are open on Chrome, right?


There are numerous threads on the Google support website about the problem, with a lot of complaints and very few answers. No, clearing my cache or my browsing history did not work. And yes, Facebook worked perfectly in incognito mode.

How to fix the display problem

1) Make sure you’re running the latest version of Chrome.
2) Go on Facebook
3) Zoom in (View > Zoom In or Ctrl  + [+] on PCs or Command + [+] on Macs)
4) Refresh the page
5) Congrats, you have fixed your display problem!

Hope this will help a few of you out there!

  • travis highley

    do you have to leave the page zoomed in? any idea why this happens?  

    • I have no idea why this happens but it seems to fix it at least :) ! And yes, I found that you need to leave the page zoomed in to make FB work. 

      Hopefully it works for you too :)


      • kazmi

        ok sweety

        • Chinny Haru

          plz help me

          when i logged into is displayed like this

          Facebook logoEmail or Phone Password  Keep me logged inForgot your password?Connect with friends faster, wherever you are.
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          what i s the sollution?

          • in facebook – go to account setting- go to security – go to secure browsing and edit it and make it disable !
            it really works!

  • Jacob

    doesn’t seem to work now, wtf…

    • Jacob

      clearing the cache helped eventually…

  • Craftymammaw

    about 1/3 of facebook homepage is blocked in blue…i even uninstalled and reinstalled google chrome…all apps…games on facebook are fine…just homepage …what the heck is this???? It was fine then opened this way couple days ago….

  • kei


  • OKC35 JOHN

    i can’t even acces to my games!! how can i restore it?

  • Yureine28

    why my page is like dis 

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  • guest

    how can i fix the foolowing display issue ?                                                                     0 Requests0 MessagesSend a New MessageMessagesSee All Messages3 NotificationsNotificationsShow Older
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  • My FB is now unaccesible to me. The page is all white screen with comments non visible, all screwed up and I will not re-join. I just want my FB page setup back!!


    wene i preest – it made my screen zoom out but i can prees + but in didnt let me zoom in

  • MMR

    photos dose not display in my face book what the reason & send to me what am i do for this ?

  • dlr

    This does not fix the problem…sorry….no photos are displayed in face book, how can I fix it???? I need answers…no one seems to have an answer, and I’m not the only one with the problem…

  • denzkie

    hi guys pls help me i cant access my facebook accout it says page error and the problem is i cant see the picture display

  • Alex

    The simplest way to prevent this from occurring is to switch to another web browser.

  • RohanDamani

    the notification bar is not clear and i cannot logout

  • Mhertz

    The zoom option did not work for me. Resetting Chrome browser history did the trick.

  • jenni

    no mind is not woking need help!

  • gatorboy019

    That doesn’t SOLVE the problem. You can accomplish the same results by simply refreshing the page. The problem is when navigating FB, you have to refresh every page to see it. So in other words, you did not give us a fix to the problem. You simply restated the problem ITSELF. This is no fix.

  • I didn’t do anything in order to fix error displayed on my facebook. I have done everything include scan the virus using avira,pc performer,ccleaner and norton. And it has found 7 malware detected on my laptop.Omg everything wasn’t changed, facebook display were still remain the same! I tried all suggestion listed, then reinstall chrome, defragment the hard drive. Lastly i tried update my window, when the installation has complete, you must first restart your pc in order to complete the installation, then i running the facebook as usual. Uhh wow,i got it back. Good Luck All :)

  • i can’t fix my facebook it’s been like this for 3 years