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This post was first published on Hyper Island.


Today was the start of the Creative Data Lab at Hyper Island in Singapore, which looks at how to use data and digital consumer insights to create more effective marketing and communications.

An intimate and eclectic group of participants with different backgrounds and experiences ranging from startups, media and advertising agencies gathered at the Hyper Island Campus, to collaborate and share insights

The motto of the week is “What happens on the island stays on the island”…which is mostly true except when I’m tweeting and blogging! 🙂

Our first exercise was everyone split up into teams, and a session of “get to know each other” – through visually representing who we are! What better way is there to represent yourself? In the introductions there were a number of fascinating stories from the participants, sharing what their life journey had been like and why they had decided to come today but it also showed the depth of the individuals at the Lab. A little example (or peek into today) to share with you all –

Drawing-Hyper Island

One of my favorite activities today was the “data detective” activity this afternoon. Every team had to pick a brand and discover its offerings, customers, competitors and opportunities. Using tools and techniques to gain consumer insights, we had to come up with 2 or 3 recommendations we could give to the brand.

We only had one hour to do this exercise and the amount of insights (and recommendations!) each team came up with using Google Trends, Similar Web, Spyfu, Topsy was impressive!

In summary, I think this week is going to be really interesting. While the program focuses on data, digital tools and best practices, the main takeaway from this workshop is that it’s all about adapting to the world around us. Tools will be outdated in a few months, weeks or years, but we need to embrace change and learn how to be adaptable.

I’ll be writing a blog post next week to recap the lab — so check this space next Monday!

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